Department of Physical Education was established in September 1957. Its staff of that time consisted of three people: the Head (senior teacher. Sergiy Garagulya) and two teachers (Olexander Boyko and Borus Ryabenko). Department at that time located on the first floor of the nowadays administrative building of the medical university and occupied two rooms: an office manager and assistant room. Training sessions were held at primary, preparatory, special medical groups and groups of sports improvement, making it possible to cover physical education all students, regardless of health status and level of physical fitness.

In the second academic year at the department started sections of weightlifting (coach Eugene Mulyarchuk), volleyball (coach Mykola Rutkowskyi), gymnastics (coach Olexander Boyko). In April I958, the institute teams in volleyball, track and field athletics and cross athletics first time took part in the city championship of teams .

Збірна жіноча команда медичного інституту з легкої ат¬летики

Women's team of medical institute in athletics and athletic cross (I958 y.)

Збірна чоловіча команда інституту з легкої ат¬летики

Men's team of the institute in light athletics and athletic cross (I958 y.)

In September of 1958 the Department of State was enrolled the master of sports Volodymur Novik, who launched a section on cycling races. The number of students who improved their skills in the sports sections at the beginning of 1959 amounted to 83 persons. In the same year department equipped own sports hall (now the conference hall of TSMU administrative building).

Група спортивного удосконалення з футболу (I960 р.)

Group of sports improvements in football (I960 y.)

Special recognition of the department of physical education in academic I960-1961years were created groups of sports perfection in weightlifting, fencing, table tennis,and classic and free wrestling, swimming, shooting, skiing. At that period began performing teams in various sports championships in student sports society " Stormy Petrel".

Група спортивного удосконалення з ганболу (I960 р.)

Group of sports improvement in handball (I960 y.)

In I960, the. first was held among medical universities of Ukraine athletic contest in cross-country skiing, biathlon and winter GPO-round, which was attended by our athletes. The debut had a success, as the team of medical institute in the complex classification took 2nd place. Champion of the contest was Nadiya Turchyn.

Later in the winter sports day winners out Myraliyeva Sofia Bezrodnyi Michael, Nagorno Jaroslav Larysa Antoniuk, Vladimir Onischuk, Elena Dovgan.


First ATHLETIC CONTEST among medical universities and students youth in biathlon and GPO (I960 y.)


The first exhibition of medical schools and students (I962 y.)

In 1962 among the students of Ternopil Medical Institute there are the first winners of athletic contests among medical universities and students youth of Ukraine and the first masters of sports. They were Ludmila Kalashnyk (L.O/ Vakulenko), Tatyana Mikhailik, Grugoriy Kosovan. Since 1964 began conducting athletic contests among students between courses. And the first such contest was held from 4 types of sports, which was attended by over 200 student In 1971 the Department of Physical Education moved into the newly builded building, equipped with sports equipment and inventory located in the sports building on the street. Kotsyubynskoho 3.

Since 1973 at the Department continuously worked groups of improving sports skills, which involved each year from 240 to 300 students. In the contest of institute, which from 1972 began to take place annually from 10-12 sports most involved students attributed to basic medical groups in athletics and in athletic cross - all students. Fortunately our athletes performed in the Games of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine among medical universities, held once every two years. Department fruitfully worked in the preparation of athletes and sportsmen of high qualification and mass categories. Today teachers of the Board prepared 25 masters of sport, 300 candidates for master of sports, more than 1,000 athletes of 1 category and more than 15 thousand athletes of mass categories.

Appreciate sports and mass work of the department of physical education Ministry of Higher Education. In the competition for the best department of sports-mass work and to encourage students to systematic physical training, which was launched in 1982, the department took second place in 1983 y. and shared 4-8 places twice (1985 and 1987 yy.).

Department worked fruitfully in the area of involving to physical training and sports activity workers of Ternopil State Medical Institute, now - SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University named after I. Gorbachevskogo Ministry of Health of Ukraine. " Over the last 20 years the departments staff conducted classes in groups of "Health", which are constantly attended from 90 to 140 people.

Every year, since 1973, among the teachers of the University held contest "Health." Before 1976 exhibition was held from 4 sports, and further increased the number of sports for 7.


Contest of "Health" among teachers in basketball


Contest of "Health" among teachers in chess

At the initiative of the department of physical education and health of our institute such contest was held since 1978 also among the higher education establishments in our region. It should be noted that in all contests our institute, with the exception of 1989, had victories .

In students hostels has been working for 20 years, student groups "Health" of the general physical preparation, which deals with 100 to 130 students. In hostels were equipped sports rooms .

An important event in the life of the department of physical education was opening in 1972 sports and recreational center "Birch" in the village. Bilche-Zolote Ternopil region, which functioned until 1990.

During the existence of sports and recreational base rested in it and improve health here more than 1,000 students and staff of the Academy. Especially fruitfully base worked after restoration of its logistical and sports facilities. In beautifully renovated and furnished houses in 1998 rested 297 students and teachers of the Academy. At the base physical education board teachers regularly conducted sport events, in which took an active part, as students and teachers, who rested here.

In 1976 the Department of physical education and health was connected with the course of physical rehabilitation and sports medicine. The first course was headed by Doc. A.K. Poplavsky, who wrote the chapter "Treatment physical culture in obstetrics and gynecology" to the textbook "Treatment physical culture and treatment control" (Moscow, 1990). In different years worked at this course : Doc. L.O. Vakulenko, Ass. Tomaszewska, doc. V.V. Demyanenko, Ass. S.I. Zielinska, Ass. I.G. Harach and doc. V.B.Koval.

In 1975 the department launched the annual teaching conference on improvement of educational process of physical training and some types of sports that are cultivated in a medical university. The teachers made more than 80 reports on the practical and methodical conferences at various levels for teaching methods of physical education.

From the first years of the Board was conducted research work. Numerous scientific-pedagogical observations, mainly located on statement on anatomical and anthropometric changes in students under the influence of regular exercising. Particular attention was paid for scientific justification of the use of exercises as a means of restoring of the body and active recreation of youth, especially self-employment of sports in the community, hardening of the organism , and doing all kinds of physical activity.

With the presence of young scientist Ph.D. V.I. Ilnytsky scientific work at the department acquired motivated character. First, developed promising area of ​​scientific research, which involved long-term physical condition investigation of students of all medical health groups during the studying at the university. Studied changes in their patterns of cardio- vascular system, physical performance and physical development under various physical loadings .


Ph.D., professor. V.I. Ilnytskyy

In scientific work were involved all members of the Board.. V.I. Ilnytskyy directed and corrected the scientific research, justifying conclusions, making recommendations. Numerous publications in professional journals covering the progress of scientific work at the department, including reports at scientific conferences by Ilnytskyy Volodumur, Elena Dovgan, Eugene Yasinskyi, Volodumur Pakulin, Vasyl Volynets. Scientific communications of the department expanded each year from Ukraine to the countries of near and far abroad. In parallel with the pedagogical work doc. V.I. Ilnytskyy is working on his doctoral thesis, the protection of which took place in 1984, and in 1985 for fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity he was elected as a professor of the Department. Years of scientific work were not in vain and for other employees of the Department, in 1995 defended Ph.D. Elena Dovgan, and in 1996 - Eugene Yasinskyi. Totally for the years of existing of the department were published over 150 articles in journals, were made about 400 reports of scientific character, issued 5 guidelines.


The staff of the Department of Physical Education (1995y.)

In 1999, based on years of research and teaching experience, Professor V.I .Ilnytskyy and doc.. Eugene Yasinska was released the manual "Physical education in secondary medical schools."

With 2000 came the younger generation of teachers and researchers – N.O. Davybida, S.V. Dyschakivska. A student of the department P.R. Levitsky in October 2004 at the IV International scientific conference held in Vitebsk State Medical University (Belarus) took 1 place with a report in the section "Morphogenesis of the organs and tissues."

In 2004 doc. O.M. Dovhan became Head of the department. During her staying Olena Mykolayivna , as the head of the department, significantly upgraded interior of school building, became working 2 new gyms equipped with modern facilities. Strengthened material base of the department, improved working conditions of students and teachers, intensified research work of the board , at this time scientific workers of the department published not only in Ukraine but also far abroad. However, led by prof. V.I.Ilnytskyi and doc.. V.B.Koval actively conducted research work of student scientific circle.


Section of Basketball (girls)


Training in physical education


Filing tests of physical fitness of students

Since 2005, at Ukraine changed the process of learning in higher education establishments. Ternopil State Medical University at honour of .I. Ya.Horbachevskoho moves to the Bologna system of education, and the title of the department was renamed on "Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine", headed by Professor I. R. Mysula. The direction of educational work Ihor Romanovuch directed to independent work of students from different types of sports. The basis of the department were: a course of physical therapy and sports medicine, and from 2008 a course of physical rehabilitation; course of medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy and physical education. The purpose of creation of the Board were the optimization of teaching such subjects as physical, medical and social rehabilitation, sports medicine, physiotherapy, balneology, reflexology, physical rehabilitation in surgery, therapy, pediatrics and dentistry.


Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine (2010y).

The department consisted with 18 persons: 2 professors, 4 docents, 8 assistants, 1 senior teacher and 3 laboratory. Head of Department was Dr. M.., Professor Mysula Ihor Romanovuch, who is also fulfilling the duties of the first vice- rector of Ternopil State Medical University. I. Y. Gorbachevskogo.


Contest of teachers of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Since July 1, 2013, on the base of the department of physical education was created the department of physical rehabilitation, health and physical education. Creation of the department provides training of students ability to use knowledge in concrete situations of rehabilitation survey, support for the process of physical rehabilitation, mental, physical and social health, a comprehensive assessment of individual characteristics in the process of recovery, species of health and recreational physical activity principles of healthy lifestyles among the people.

Department staff


Based on the decision of the Academic Council of 01.29.2013, minutes №8 and permission from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 03.26.2013 year. №08.01-47 / 403/8419 the department of physical rehabilitation, health and physical education was created. At the department students are teched of ability to use knowledge in concrete situations of rehabilitation survey, support for the process of physical rehabilitation, mental, physical and social health, to provide a comprehensive assessment of individual characteristics in the process of recovery, species health and recreational physical activity principles of healthy people`s lifestyle.

The base of department is located in the hostel №4 where the head of the department office, assistants room, lab, three classrooms, one massage and exercise room for practical training of students, computer lab, gym there are; in the sports complex at. Kotsyubynskogo 3 street, including sports stadium with athletic sectors and playgrounds, with one game sports hall, hall for athletic and rhythmic gymnastics and therapeutic exercises gym, which is equipped with the up date equipment, which is renewed every year.

Head of the department of physical rehabilitation, health and physical education department is PhD, MD. D. Popovuch .

Faculty prepare future professionals of the rehabilitation industry for highly productive labor, health promotion and formation of professional knowledge, abilities and skills in the use of physical training in prevention and treatment activities in accordance with the concept of the university development, constantly working for improving the educational process including advanced and innovative educational methods and programs, update the appropriate sections of the system Moodle, reflecting modern development of rehabilitation technologies.

Lecture of MD.. D. Popovuch

Practical class is conducted by MD.. D. Popovuch

The department operates student scientific society, where students led by teacher developed set of exercises for special medical groups and different types of diseases, provide a comprehensive assessment of individual features of the human organism in the healing process, assess the general principles of adaptation to environmental conditions, and consider the concepts of healthy lifestyle control among the population. At present the scientific group consists of 5 students- bachelors witch studies at 3-4 course of medical faculty from speciality "Human Health".

Bright evidence of constant care of the university students health is to create of all conditions ton maintaining their physical shape - visiting an optional physical education course"Sports sections" such as:

Basketball (men, women)

Volleyball (men, women)

Mini Soccer


Table Tennis



Athletic Gymnastics

Greek and Rome wrestling





Swimming under the guidance of professional instructors.

Created special medical group for students who for health reasons can not engage in a main "sporting sections".